Sitka's & Riley's Husky Tours

Sitka's & Riley's Husky Tour

We are happy to inform that we have consulted with Sitka and Riley, our happy huskies and they have agreed to spend some quality time with you.

Sitka & Riley can take:

  • 1 adult (80kg max)
  • 2 children (if under 14 years old)
  • 1 adult together with 1 child under 7 years old
  • Child is up to 14 years old.

Vahid will be your driver/musher on all tours.

  • The Good Morning Husky


Meet Vahid, Sitka & Riley the happy huskies at 10.00 in the morning by the fireplace. We will make a fire, make some fresh coffee, tea or hot chocolate  and just enjoy ourselves in relaxed conversations.



Warm yourselves by the morning fire and enjoy your hot drink while you wait for your turn to go on the husky sled with Sitka & Riley on a short Wilderness Husky Tour.


We will go through an introduction of the sled and tell about Sitka & Riley and how  they train. You will sit in the sled and we will go through the forest and out unto an open field to then make a turn and ride back to the fireplace. Perhaps we will see the animal tracks from the night.


Suitable for families.


Daily: 10.00-12.00


Price: Adult 99€ (without husky ride 19€) Child 73€

Booked and paid latest 17.00 one day in advance.




  • The Wilderness Tour


This is  the same husky tour as in The Good Morning Husky but without the fire and the hot drinks. We start by the fireplace and let Sitka & Riley lead us through the  forest.


Length: 800m

Duration: 10-20 min

Price: Adult 80€ Child 60€

Suitable for families


Booked and paid latest 17.00 one day in advance!