The BBQ is an occasion to spend an enjoyable private time outdoors around a fire with your family or amongst friends right here by your accommodation. The fire place is just by the forest so it gives you a unique sense of being in the wilderness.


We charge for the firewood, the fire place, the equipment and the guide. You will have to purchase your own food, snack and drinks. This is because people have different tastes, preferences and possible allergies and we cannot keep a stock of different grilling options. We can of course come with suggestions for you if you wish.


What you get:

  • The Early Evening BBQ (with guide).


The advantage of the BBQ we offer is that it is right by your accommodation and right at the edge of the forest. You can go back inside to warm yourselves more if you need and come right back out to continue the evening.


Vahid will be your guide. Vahid will give a course in firemaking, how to handle the axe and knife in a safe and efficient way. He will talk about the use of fires in the arctic and especially in the Sami culture, what types of wood is prefferable for different kinds of uses and so on. When the fire is burning and ready for the BBQ Vahid will leave you so you can enjoy your private time. Hopefully the northern lights will also dance for you.

(Please note that Vahid will be your guide only for the part of the fire making course. When the fire is ready and strong, he will leave you to enjoy your private BBQ moment.)


Daily: 18.00 - 20.00


Price: Adult 53€, Child 20€ (child is up to 14 years old).