Laddon the Arctic Cabin

Laddon, the Arctic Cabin

First of all, Laddon is a log cabin. It's heated by a fire stove with wood. There is no electricity. All lighting is from petrol lamps or candles. There are two rooms that can harbour 6 guests comfortably. One room is for 3 guests but can also be used as a couples room. It has a separate stove for heating. The main room is the all purpose room and can accommodate 3 guests comfortably. Meals are prepared on a two-plate propane fueled cooker or on a fire outdoors. There is a separate building to enjoy a sauna bath which is also heated by fire wood. It takes about 1 hour to heat the sauna. There are another two separate outhouses for "you know what". Potable water is fetched from the lake all year round. Laddon is an opportunity to get away and "out there" in the arctic wilderness, into the great silence, either by boat, a hike in the forest around the lake or by skiing with Sitka and Riley, our two happy huskies that will pull your back pack and provisions. Those options depend on the season of the year. Being in Laddon requires some work but you will get plenty back a thousandfold. We will be with you in Laddon during your stay.

The guests have to purchase their own food. We will however be fishing and prepare the fish together.

Again, we cannot emphasize it enough, Laddon is a log cabin. It is situated about 1 hour drive west of Jokkmokk town, followed by a boat drive, hike or skiing depending on the season. It is isolated! It is surrounded by a lake and forest in the vicinity of the great national park Sarek. It is not a hotel with bed and breakfast or any type of service. We will provide genuine arctic hospitality though. We speak, English, French and Swedish.

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